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Catacombs Featured In Two Books (Hierophant In One):


Gary Hill – Music Street Journal

The book revolves around music and bands that that have been inspired by and written songs which revolve around or have been inspired by the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft, and includes a decent length band description and short Q&A of the bands (some major bands, such as Metallica etc) that have been interviewed for the book.



The last ten years have witnessed a renewed interest in H.P. Lovecraft in academic and scholarly circles. New Critical Essays on H.P. Lovecraft seeks to offer an expansive and considered account of a fascinating yet challenging writer.

The book is actually an academic publication, publisher Palgrave Macmillan, they do academic texts, text books, etc. So its a legit, edited, academic text.



2012/2016 Xathagorra Industries

Inhumanly brutal, ultra-heavy and seethingly, horrifically dark, unnverving in atmosphere, absolutely massive and crushing in sound and style, uniquely styled and driving death/industrial/doom.



2006 Moribund Records/2016 Xathagorra Industries (re-release)

Ultra-extreme doom/death. Monolithic in heaviness, haunting and horrifying in atmosphere with a Lovecraftian essence. An instant world-known classic featured in numerous magazines and a book as one of the most extreme death/doom releases of all time, as the only band/album to ever truly capture the true atmospheres of H.P. Lovecraft’s literary works.



2001 Cthulhu Production/2005 Antinomian Records/2007 Solitude Productions (no longer available via them due to legal issues)/2016 Xathagorra Industries

Brutal, crushing, mysterious and haunting extreme doom/death. Considered a legendary cult underground classic.



1993-2000 Black Beyonds Music/2016 Xathagorra Industries

Compilation of HIEROPHANT releases from 1993-2000. Haunting, esoteric, brutally heavy & extreme doom/death. Considered a legendary cult underground classic.




Haunting, esoteric & extreme doom/death. Considered a cult underground classic.




Haunting, esoteric & extreme doom/death. A remastering and compilation of the first two songs from the first album with the new 13 minute track (the album title) which became itself a legendary song. Considered a legendary cult underground classic.

Random Press Quotes:

“Xathagorra creates extreme elite aural art for the majority of the minority.” – D.A. Darkstone”

Origin Of Darkness is one of the most extreme, darkly atmospheric, brutal, stylistically unique and heaviest albums, in both sound and style I’ve ever heard in the genre of extreme slow-burn death metal.” – D.A. Darkstone”

Catacombs ‘In the Depths of R’lyeh’ is the only album to truly do justice to the atmosphere of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Incredibly composed, monolithic in heaviness and inhuman in it’s atmospheres, it’s genuinely a masterpiece of extreme death/doom metal.” – MetalReview

“In the Depths of R’lyeh offers arguably the darkest, dankest, most forlorn, and truly heaviest – in EVERY sense of the term – extreme doom/death record ever created.”Moribund Records

“In The Depths of R’yleh is an essential addition to any Extreme Doom collection.” – Metalreview.com

“In the Depths of R’lyeh is arguably the pinnacle of the genres limit.” – DigitalMetal.com

“Harsher than virtually any modern doom, Catacombs surge from the most horrific depths of hell and sink deep into one’s soul… A superpathogen to end all humanity.”Metal Maniacs

“Consider Catacombs an entity among heavyweights Disembowelment and Thergothon.”Explicitly Intense

“If people actually played funeral doom bands like Catacombs at wakes, people would be too afraid to die.”CMJ

“Overall brilliant, well-produced and composed funeral doom metal. (9.1/10)”Maelstrom Issue #42

“CATACOMBS’ debut, In the Depths of R’lyeh, is an amalgam of colossal, cataclysmic heaviness and haunting, beyond-the shade darkness. Bordering on the macabre and most definitely unsettling,

In the Depths of R?lyeh will soon be mentioned in the same breath as such defiant doom/death legends as Disembowelment, Unholy, Skepticism, Thergothon, and Winter. Monolithic Lovecraftian DOOM!!!” – DECIBEL

“…this is a monolithic release in more ways than one. I’ve never used the term ‘pants-shittingly heavy’ to describe any music, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Quite frankly, while countless metal bands have drawn inspiration for their lyrics and imagery from the very same text, none before this have captured the feeling of sheer terror and impending calamity that Lovecraft conveyed with his writing quite so perfectly.” Rating: 9.8 – DIABOLICAL CONQUEST

Origin Of Darkness “The Living Darkness”
Origin Of Darkness is a magnum opus of seething hatred, unnerving darkness, grueling, monolithic heaviness in sound and style and compositional genius, unmatched by anything in any genre I’ve ever heard. Origin Of Darkness is genuinely genre defying extreme music that almost completely defies categorization and stands out from literally every other album in any genre of extreme metal. It’s pioneering and unique in it’s composition, style, sound and atmosphere. Origin Of Darkness is, for the sake of comparison and description, a mix of slow-burn, mid-paced death metal, with industrial-styled influence and a tinge of extreme doom metal. It’s truly bombastic in it’s heaviness, both in terms of the ultra-thick sound and it’s driving, bone crushing and unique rhythms. Malefic harmonies float menacingly, with seething hatred and haunting darkness, over simple but powerfully effective rhythm guitars. Incomprehensibly, the vocals equal the music in their depth and grueling quality, being some of the most legitimately and naturally brutal, guttural vocals to be heard and the lyricizing is powerful. Yet, despite their depth and the almost inhuman quality of the growls, the words are actually understandable. Lyrically, the songs most certainly do herald the coming of an incomprehensible, inhumanly hateful darkness, each song having some very deep and disturbing concepts if you truly immerse yourself in their hinting and meanings. If the listening sits and immerses themselves in the aural horror and genius of Origin Of Darkness, I can state with absolute certainty that they will have an experience, both musically and personally, that’s unlike anything else they’ve ever heard of experienced. Part of the genius composition is how the intensity of every song continually builds throughout their duration, eventually reaching an inhumanly intense crescendo the listener can feel coming with an almost unnerving intensity and anticipation of the raging, seething and horrifying conclusion. Furthermore, every song is genuinely memorable and leaves a mark and impression on the listener. The music in general is of a mid-paced tempo though, no matter the tempo of any given song or riff, it’s always driving and intense, almost inciting a seething, dark violence from the listener, who will also find themselves nodding their heads with the crushing and memorable rhythms. In general, no matter the tempo, due to the composition and palpable, inhuman atmospheres of seething darkness, hatred and otherworldly maleficence, the music exudes an intensely violent feel, unrelenting, cataclysmic and devastating in it’s heaviness and intensity. In conclusion, Xathagorra has revolutionized a musical style unheard of with Origin Of Darkness and it truly epitomizes the defition of “magnum opus”: “a large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer” and is an extremely important release that, both musically and lyrically, has something extremely unique and important to offer and to say through it’s form and expression. – Soren Mortensen

Biography (As Writ By Moribund Records For Catacombs):


Originally hailing from New Jersey and currently residing in Arizona, Xathagorra has been a pioneer and figurehead in the extreme doom/death genre since his first release in 1994, of the legendary doom/death entity Hierophant. Extreme doom/death has always been a natural style for Xathagorra, before the aesthetic had even really formed into a recognizable genre. Being extreme on a personal level as an individual, he naturally strived for the lowest tones and heaviest riffs possible, which manifested into the extreme style of doom/death for which he’s known.

A distant rumble. The earth crumbles. Heads cave in, bowels shudder. Foundations moan, and then collapse. A lonesome lullaby lingers like fog. A sepulchral bellow breaks the trance, but then leads it further into the primordial maw. Time evaporates. Coma. Your day is ruined. Verily, the sound of CATACOMBS debut for the CULT, In the Depths of R’lyeh. However, such mastery of terrorizing tectonics goes back a decade, forever gestating in the womb. Not surprisingly, Catacombs is the sole vision of one Xathagorra Mlandroth.

With three releases under the now well-cult Hierophant banner, Xathagorra endeavored take his brand of extreme doom/death to the next level. That next level would be Catacombs, a more evolved and more extreme style of ultra-doom/death, and an even more unique aesthetic. The first Catacombs release, a thirty-minute EP, brought to the genre an unrelenting heaviness and suffocating darkness previously not experienced by those into such an extreme form of music.

But with In the Depths of R’lyeh, unfathomably, those limits are crushed and then ground into the dust from whence they came. Exactly a decade after his first foray into the realm of extreme doom/death and three years after the first Catacombs release, In the Depths of R’lyeh offers arguably the darkest, dankest, most forlorn, and truly heaviest in EVERY sense of the term, but especially pertaining to the natural realm extreme doom/death record ever created. Here Catacombs breaks new ground again, in every sense of both terms with its unique, uncompromising style, a heaviness most monolithic and palpably dark atmospheres that emit no light whatsoever. Thus, abandon hope NOW.

An amalgam of colossal heaviness sonically and, metaphorically, cyclopean atmospheres of haunting, beyond-the-shade darkness, altogether bordering on the macabre and most definitely unsettling, In the Depths of R’lyeh will soon be mentioned in the same breath as such defiant legends as Disembowelment, Unholy, Skepticism, Thergothon, and Winter.

In spring 2007 Echoes Through The Catacombs will be re-released in a 4 track version with 2 additional remasters of original tracks.

Biography (New & General):

XATHAGORRA INDUSTRIES was formed out of Xathagorra Mlandroth’s old record label and while predominantly is the medium for his musical releases, it also wille encompass other forms of media in the future such as photography, film, publishing and a few other things.

While considered one of the “godfathers of extreme doom/death”, known globally predominantly for his extreme doom/death releases, Xathagorra’s musical style has ranged across the board of extreme metal for two decades.

While dedicated to continuing to release music in the genre for which he is most known, extreme doom/death, there are many extreme metal releases to come in various genres.

The decision to return to running his own label came about for many reasons, some personal, some related to the industry, but in either case, Xathagorra will continue to release truly extreme music of many forms for years to come.

All releases are owned solely by and Copyright/Trademark XATHAGORRA INDUSTRIES.

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