Update: New Albums

New death metal album coming soon… grueling mid-paced, dark, seething hatred with heavy grinding grooves and dense atmosphere, chaotic and crushing.

An amalgam of unique double bass work on the mid-paced and faster side of things, with devastating old school breakdowns, darkly atmospheric harmonies and my usual inhuman vocals.

As always with my material, songs are strongly conceptual, yet representative of other things, if one delves deeper into the meaning.

Clips coming soon.

As for Catacombs… the massive two-song album is still being composed, but almost finished. It will be a “follow-up” of sort to “In the Depths of R’lyeh” entitled “Awakening of the Old Ones” and while stylistically similar, also quite a bit different at it’s foundation, having more faster tempo passages through each of the two, possibly three, epic pieces that will make up the album.

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